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How it Works

Imagine being faced with a major social challenge, and instead of starting from scratch, you’re able to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experiences from a global NGO that has wrestled with similar challenges. Now imagine you’re not only able to access the learnings of one NGO, but a vast network of social change organizations all tethered together by a free, public solutions portal. This is what we’re building, together, and we call it the Resilience Exchange--an ecosystem of infinite solutions for social change.

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The Solutioning Approach

All over the world, practitioners are working on solutions that create wellbeing for people and place in the face of the urgent challenges of the 21st century. They are designing, implementing and scaling innovations that make the systems that provide us with the things we all need to live well—food, energy, water, shelter, finance, community, health, education, to name a few—more resilient. Solutions typically combine several models, processes, tools, and frameworks to address specific challenges in a given, unique, socio-cultural context. The Solutioning Approach is a methodology and practice for breaking down solutions into their component parts, their building blocks, for the purpose of sharing them with other practitioners. It is these distinct building blocks that contribute to a solution’s success, and the Solutioning Approach can be used to distill and share them across sectors and geographies, enabling learning and adaptation of existing successful solutions to new contexts and challenges.

Together we are better, faster, and more effective

As more organizations join the community by connecting their solutions portals together, a network-of-networks will emerge, giving practitioners access to a common platform for discovering, sharing, and remixing solutions. If you’re looking for new ways to improve your corner of the world, there’s a good chance you’ll find them here.

In addition to the growing solutions library, the Resilience Exchange fosters innovation through peer-to-peer learning, connecting change agents around the world to exchange ideas, troubleshoot, and even collaborate on creating and adapting solutions. Instead of reading about a practitioner’s learnings in a case study, here’s your chance to reach out and ask them yourself. You can almost feel the world getting smaller.

Give the Resilience Exchange a try by creating a personal account below. Or you may also participate through one of the growing number of solution communities that are busy curating their own solutions portals focused on different sectors or geographies.

The Resilience Exchange is maintained and curated by the platform’s parent company, Sphaera Solutions, Inc., a social enterprise created to accelerate the pace of social change.