BRICK Pop Up Shops: Acquire and Maintain Retail Space for New Entrepreneurs


The flexibility of the Brick Pop Up Shops allows brands to create temporary shops to pitch new products or just an opportunity to test products without the time and financial commitment of an entire store launch. Brands have the option of reserving either the entire space for an exclusive shop set up or half of the space to utilize BrickOTR as a shared shop experience. The floor and window display spaces are fully customizable to the preferences of individual vendors, and MORTAR will work with vendors to assist in creation of a marketing plan.


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    On the surface, Brick OTR is a revolving pop-up shop. Fundamentally though, it’s “space & opportunity” in its purest form. Brick OTR is designed to give entrepreneurs a chance to test out their business ideas in real time. Whether launching a new brand/product or growing an established brand, Cincinnati’s most innovative pop-up space is the perfect solution. Brick is an extension of MORTAR, whose mission is to build communities through entrepreneurship.* Brick OTR is an important part of that vision because it gives MORTAR students AND other community entrepreneurs an opportunity to test their ideas in real time, in our beautiful 400 sq. ft. storefront.

  • Brick 939

    Brick939 is more than a pop-up shop, it’s an entire pop up MARKETPLACE. An opportunity for local entrepreneurs to expand their brands into a brick & mortar retail atmosphere; vendors collaborating and networking side by side – each challenged to consistently improve. That type of marketplace could be huge in the urban core; not just as a launch pad for new businesses, but also as a refresher for veteran companies.. But that’s just the start. In addition to the marketplace, there’s also a gallery area for visual artists and a screening room with a constant loop of independent films from local & regional filmmakers. We’ve even designated a few lounge areas where you can sit back and look through the pages of the latest Fast Company magazine, as a local musician does performs an acoustic rendition of their latest songs. Brick 939 is “space & opportunity” in its purest form, and gives entrepreneurs and artists a chance to express themselves and test their ideas ideas in real time. OH, YEAH.. did we forget to mention that Brick 939 is a temporary space? Right now, our plan is to have it open just for the holiday season, and only on Saturdays-Sundays from Noon – 5pm each day. If you’re interested in being a featured vendor, artist, filmmaker or volunteer, please fill out the appropriate form by clicking below.