Alternative exit strategies


In conventional wisdom, technology firms exit to an acquisition by somebody bigger than them, or to IPO. Neither of these strategies is particularly interesting for impact-first tech firms. This is a placeholder for the alternative exit we are contemplating, with resources to some pertinent examples.


  • Exit


  • Alternative exits

    Blog post summarizing various alternative exit strategies

  • Five Smart Exit Strategies

    Summary of conventional exit strategies

  • raises $25 Million without Aim of Supersize Exit

    Article on their C round, which contemplates alternative exits. " will return money to shareholders eventually, because that’s the only way to make good on the promise of its business model, President Jen Dulski said. Still, avoiding public markets in favor of other methods of financing, such as private secondary stock offerings or stock repurchases over time, could preserve the company’s focus, she said."

  • Twitter buy-out to co-op

    Article on exit to co-op, using Twitter as an example

  • Exit to Coop presentatin

    Nathan Schneider and Jason Wiener