Working with a data manager


Large n trials and other research with large numbers of farmers generate huge data bases that present challenges to usual data management practices. Hiring a data manager can be a worthwhile way to deal with these challenges. This building block shares some on-going learning about working with a data manager.
FRN-NGO engagement with a data manager has brought a lot of learning on the bigger picture of data management in the FRNs. The experience emanates from one and half years of struggling to collect and manage large datasets from multi-environmental pest control and sorghum trials. Before you can do any analysis of an experiment, you first need to deal with data management.
Not everyone participating in experimentation can handle different aspects of data management even though every participant can be involved in all the different data flow stages. An overseer is required to ensure that data preparation, data governance, data quality, data collection, data analysis and data feedback and dissemination agreements are adhered to. This means that a data manager needs to be involved in every aspect of data flow to ensure that available data is relevant, can be accessed when needed, is accurate, current, clean and complete... and is ready to support research analysis.


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