Expand the City’s internal data integration capacity


The challenges faced by social service clients can cut across the purview of different City agencies. Many times, however, different agencies are unaware that they are working with the same clients. Technology- enabled tools can help agencies better support individuals and families to achieve better results. For example, auto-notifications can alert caseworkers from different agencies that they share common clients (subject to privacy protections), which can help them coordinate support. With greater investments in integrated data systems, the City will also be able to better track the results of its programs. By examining the short- and long-term outcomes of interventions and services, we will be able to, over time, reallocate resources toward the most effective approaches.

Analytic tools can improve decision-making across a range of disciplines. In criminal justice, smarter use of data can not only inform criminal justice processing and programming decisions, but also be used to share data to improve residents’ health and safety. These tools are detailed further in the section below on Criminal Justice Reform.


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