Water Security through Supply and Demand Management


"Ac­know­ledging fu­ture risks of re­duced wa­ter avail­ab­il­ity, Hong Kong has ad­op­ted a Total Wa­ter Man­age­ment Strategy to en­hance wa­ter se­cur­ity and re­li­ab­il­ity. The pro­ject fo­cuses not only on im­prov­ing and ex­pand­ing wa­ter re­sources but curb­ing de­mand as well.

To re­duce de­mand, the city is re­du­cing wa­ter loss by re­pair­ing and up­grad­ing wa­ter mains, lower­ing leak­age rates. The city also en­cour­ages wa­ter con­ser­va­tion meth­ods through col­lab­or­a­tion, act­ive par­ti­cip­a­tion, and mu­tual com­mit­ments between pub­lic, private, and civic sec­tors. In terms of sup­ply, Hong Kong is ex­pand­ing its already world-lead­ing sourcing strategies. While the city has used sea­wa­ter for toi­let flush­ing for many years, as part of the Total Wa­ter Man­age­ment Strategy, this tech­nique is now ap­plied to 85% of the pop­u­la­tion as of 2015, sav­ing 27 mil­lion m3 of fresh­wa­ter and ac­count­ing for 27% of Hong Kong’s tar­get for the 2020s. Hong Kong is ex­plor­ing fur­ther al­tern­at­ive re­sources for the re­mainder of the tar­get in­clud­ing re­claimed wa­ter, re­cycled grey wa­ter, and de­sal­in­ated wa­ter."
Quote from: http://solutions.sustainia.me/solutions/water-security-through-supply-and-demand-management/

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