Waterlogging Prevented by Sponge Infrastructure


"The Wuhan Sponge City Pro­gramme fo­cuses on re­du­cing wa­ter­log­ging and in­creas­ing wa­ter qual­ity via the eco­lo­gical re­medi­ation of ex­ist­ing urban wa­ter sys­tems and the con­struc­tion of blue and green spaces to cap­ture and store rain­wa­ter. The first phase of the pro­ject, from 2015 to 2017, will see the de­vel­op­ment of 389 so-called sponge pro­jects, such as urban gar­dens and wa­ter­bod­ies in parks, roads, res­id­en­tial com­munit­ies, and com­mer­cial and pub­lic build­ings. These will cover 38 m2 of the city and provide hab­itat for plants and wild­life.

By the end of the pi­lot period, two new rain­wa­ter pump sta­tions will have been con­struc­ted, provid­ing at least 25% of the city’s wa­ter. Fur­ther­more, 13 ports and chan­nels will be re­paired, drain pipelines will be im­proved, and at least one lake will be eco­lo­gic­ally re­stored. Over­all, the pro­ject is ex­pec­ted to re­duce the oc­cur­rence of severe wa­ter­log­ging events from once an­nu­ally to once in 10 years in the pi­lot zone, a strong start to ad­apt­ing the city to cli­mate change."

Quote from: http://solutions.sustainia.me/solutions/waterlogging-prevented-by-sponge-infrastructure/

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