Gravity-Fed Drip Irrigation Systems


Drip irrigation is the ultimate in farming technology. Used in large-scale commercial farms the world over, drip’s small plastic micro-tubes connect to a water source and deliver water directly to the root of the plant; eliminating costly run off and labor, reducing risk of disease, and dramatically increasing yields. However, the kits, and the motorized engine typically required to power them, come at a price few small plot Myanmar farmers can afford.

In 2006, Proximity Designs began the design and testing of gravity-fed drip sets in Myanmar. They developed a system that maintains a high flow rate even from a water source elevated to just 3ft. Newest designs are sold as complete sets, meaning that they can be installed straight from the packet, and a single set can irrigate up to 1/4 of an acre; reducing water usage by 50% and increasing yields 33% at the same time. At just $33.50 per system, drip irrigation offers a huge return on investment.

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    Launched: 2009

    Price: 35,000 Kyat (US $36.00)

    Total Number Sold: 8,138


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