AtmaGo: Building Resilience through a Hyperlocal Social Network

This solution addresses Lack of resilience to extreme weather, drought, and price shocks in Indonesia for low-income urban residents

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Problem Description

We know all too well that poor people will suffer the most from climate change induced extreme weather, drought, and resource scarcity. Our solution addresses challenges not well addressed by existing government and private sector programs. For example, 65 million urban Indonesians lack piped water supply: AtmaGo provides the only existing option for people to share information on affordable and reliable water vendors. Additionally, AtmaGo facilitates sharing of vendors and prices for other staples. Existing Early Warning Systems (EWS) in Indonesia and other countries have been ineffective. Among the 72,000 households at risk in Jakarta living along the 13 river banks, a survey found that the Jakarta Flood EWS had failed to reach “the last mile” and the most vulnerable communities. Since AtmaGo has a strong presence at the neighborhood level, we will be able to reach “the last mile” with warnings and critical information to reduce morbidity and mortality.

Building Blocks


AtmaGo is a community-level social network that helps urban poor communities build resilience to extreme weather, drought, and price shocks. The AtmaGo mobile app allows people to share knowledge, advice and solutions with their neighbors to better prepare for disasters, improve their access to basic needs, address chronic vulnerabilities, and provides a way to reach vulnerable communities that traditional warning systems often fail to reach.

our users are:
* Reporting water problems and sharing solutions.
* Sharing real time information on prices for food, fuel, and supplies.
* Exchanging best strategies with neighbors on how to protect belongings and buildings from floods, conserve water, and improve nutrition in the household.
* Currently, they are warning each other of locations of floods and fires. This year, we will connect to Early Warning Systems so that government early warnings can be delivered through AtmaGo to reach "the last mile" in urban poor communities.


  • Atmago1


  • AtmaGo Winning Entry in Open IDEO Challenge

    Neighbors helping neighbors connect to resources and each other in Indonesia and India.

  • ATMA Connect Website

    Atma Connect empowers people to share solutions and build better lives. Our focus is on creating technology for the billions of people who live in the developing world. Our goal is to use technology to unleash the resourcefulness and ingenuity that lies within all kinds of communities across the globe. We envision a world where neighbors help neighbors, and where communities become stronger and more resilient by sharing solutions and knowledge.

Organisations Involved

Contributed By

  • Meena Palaniappan, Ceo, ATMA Connect
  • Nicholas L. Cain Co Founder, Coo And Cmo, ATMA Connect
  • Sergio Paluch Cofounder And Chief Product Officer, ATMA Connect
  • Alfan Rodhi Field Director, ATMA Connect
  • David Khoirul Community Manager, Designer, ATMA Connect
  • Jimmy Welles Social Media, Evaluation Manager, ATMA Connect

Solution Stage

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  • Prepare for some adaptation to implementation
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