Partner with Community Based Orgs for Adoption, Feedback and Customer Acquisition


We are connected with 20 community based organizations in the cities that we are launched in (Jakarta, Malang, Lamongan). We conduct joint events with these organizations, and these organizations use the AtmaGo platform to share information with their community members and reach a broader community. We are making connections with other agency initiatives in Indonesia so that we can connect our back end databases so that the information will be extensible through many platforms. We are also making a connection with the Emergency Warning Systems agencies so that early warnings can be sent out through the AtmaGo system. Because AtmaGo will be a daily source of information for our users, it will be the ideal method to reach the last mile with critical warnings. Through an Android App we can more readily push information on warnings and time sensitive information directly to our users phones.

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  • AtmaGo: Building Resilience through a Hyperlocal Social Network

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