Improve the way New York City retains a diverse workforce


Recruiting a diverse workforce is only part of the story. Unless the City provides workplaces that embrace diversity and provide equitable opportunities for all City workers to grow and succeed, we will struggle to both recruit and maintain that diversity.

This means the City must takes steps to ensure it is diverse at every level and that people from all backgrounds have opportunities across disciplinary areas. This is the 21st century. It’s no longer acceptable for our teaching corps to be all female or our firefighters all male.

To improve the way New York City retains a diverse workforce, City agencies have formed diversity work groups and internal councils to develop and share best practices and address the underrepresentation of various demographic groups in certain areas. For example, the Department of Design and Construction has established a cross-divisional task force to focus on hiring and succession planning within their agency. Meanwhile, the Law Department has established a mentoring initiative called the Coaching Collaborative, which meets on a regular basis to discuss ways to enhance the work environment. And the Fire Department is planning a specific initiative to recruit talented women firefighters as part of its broader diversity agenda.

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