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“Evergreen was born out of a broader project called the Greater University Circle (GUC) Initiative. Catalyzed by the Cleveland Foundation, the initiative seeks to address widespread community development issues, such as transportation, housing, open space, and economic development in some of Cleveland’s poorest neighborhoods. Just four miles outside of downtown, but within the city limits, the GUC area is characterized by a concentration of “anchor institutions,” including major educational, cultural, and medical amenities, and is directly adjacent to six communities with a median household income of $18,500 and where 25-30% of residents live in poverty. Although the institutions currently spend over $3 billion dollars on goods and services combined, historically very little of it has stayed in the area. Having funded many economic and community development programs for years, the Cleveland Foundation realized that status quo approaches were not working and sought a new approach in collaboration with key stakeholders, one that would not only create jobs and generate new business, but also keep the wealth and assets within the community long-term.”
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  • Building Community Wealth through Worker-Owned Businesses

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