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"Loc­ated in Istan­bul, Tur­key’s largest land­fill gas-to-en­ergy pro­ject gen­er­ates 50 MW/​h, enough to provide elec­tri­city for 200,000 fam­il­ies. The pro­ject con­sists of two power plants, loc­ated close to the Kömür­cüoda and the Oday­eri land­fills. At each land­fill site, wells and pipes dug through solid waste col­lect meth­ane gas and trans­fer it to a heat ex­changer and de­mister for cool­ing and de­hu­mid­i­fic­a­tion. The treated gas feeds a com­bus­tion en­gine that drives an elec­tric gen­er­ator that sup­plies power the na­tional grid.

Set­ting Istan­bul’s land­fill gas-to-en­ergy site apart from oth­ers is the fact that its fa­cil­it­ies are equipped with an auto­matic meas­ure­ment and ad­just­ment sys­tem that con­trols the flow of gas from the 500 wells and 50 pipelines dis­persed throughout the land­fill sites. As a res­ult of the land­fill gas-to-en­ergy pro­ject, po­tent meth­ane gas emis­sions are mit­ig­ated and the equi­val­ent of ap­prox­im­ately 1.2 mil­lion tons of CO2 emis­sions per year were avoided between 2011 and 2015."

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