Bipartisan Plan Accelerates Climate Change Action


"In Decem­ber 2015, San Diego ad­op­ted a new Cli­mate Ac­tion Plan with bi­par­tisan sup­port, demon­strat­ing that cli­mate ac­tion can ap­peal to every­one, re­gard­less of polit­ical af­fil­i­ation. With this plan, San Diego aims to cut its car­bon foot­print in half by 2035 via five strategies: en­ergy- and wa­ter-ef­fi­cient build­ings; clean and re­new­able en­ergy; bi­cyc­ling, walk­ing, transit and land use; zero waste; and cli­mate re­si­li­ence.

So far, 4,000 solar panel in­stall­a­tion per­mits have been is­sued and more than 260 km of bi­cycle lanes have been com­pleted, with 80 km of new or im­proved bike lanes planned every year. The plan aims to have 20,000 ad­di­tional res­id­en­tial units built within walk­ing dis­tance to ex­ist­ing transit sta­tions, and has set a tar­get of 35% urban tree can­opy cover. In terms of wa­ter, the plan’s re­cyc­ling puri­fic­a­tion pro­gram in­cludes the con­struc­tion of puri­fic­a­tion fa­cil­it­ies, pipelines, and pump sta­tions to provide a local source of wa­ter to the city. Even­tu­ally this will re­place pur­chases of im­por­ted wa­ter, which cur­rently ac­count for at least 85% of the de­mand."
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