Strategy Drives Resilient City Operations in Africa


"Lead­ing the way in Sub-Sahara Africa, the Kam­pala Cli­mate Change Ac­tion Strategy ad­dresses cli­mate change mit­ig­a­tion and ad­apt­a­tion, start­ing with the city’s own op­er­a­tions. The found­a­tion of the strategy is the city’s first en­ergy and cli­mate pro­file, de­veloped in 2015. Un­der the strategy, the Kam­pala Cap­ital City Au­thor­ity (KCCA), the body that gov­erns and over­sees city op­er­a­tions, is in­cor­por­at­ing en­ergy and cli­mate goals into its policies and ser­vices, with plans to build a denser city with im­proved transit op­tions, cul­tiv­ate more green space, in­crease re­new­able en­ergy us­age, im­prove waste and wa­ter man­age­ment, and im­ple­ment a green pub­lic pro­cure­ment policy. The ul­ti­mate goal is to re­duce CO₂ emis­sions by nearly a quarter over the next 15 years.

In or­der to achieve the most ef­fect­ive out­comes, KCCA has edu­cated its em­ploy­ees on cli­mate is­sues, hold­ing more than 15 work­shops to date."

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