Economic Citizenship Graduation Program


The "Graduation Model" developed by BRAC, CGAP and the Ford Foundation has five main components carefully structured to bring people out of extreme poverty in a sustainable and timely manner. The main components include:

1. Support for the consumer: Provides small monetary stipends to give "breathing space" and reduce daily stress.

2. Savings: Participants are encouraged to save, preferably through formal banks, to ensure their savings and thus encourage the building of their assets.

3. Transfers of Assets: to strengthen their income-generating activities.

4. Skills Training: based on basic entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy and personal development (such as self-esteem, empowerment, communication and teamwork).

5. Visits: Staff regularly visit the homes of participants to advise on business management, and give them support and encouragement.

Part of Solution

  • Eliminating Poverty via Access to Capital