Drive and creation of a national resilience agenda with Mexican cities belonging to 100RC Network


Currently, four Mexican cities belong to the 100RC network: CDMX (2013), Ciudad Juarez (2014), Colima (2016), and the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (2016). These four cities have an opportunity to share their experiences and best practices and to foster a national resilience agenda that could serve as a guide for the implementation of actions in other cities that are not members of the 100RC network. This sharing of resilience experiences and best practices could boost domestic capacity to prevent, identify, mitigate, adapt to, and manage climate shocks and stresses and in the process build national resilience.

The creation of a national resilience agenda would allow for consideration of resilience principles in sectoral plans. This approach would favor comprehensive planning in the long term. The implementation of projects and actions based on comprehensive planning would improve the quality of life in Mexican cities and provide cities with capacity to anticipate and respond to various shocks and stresses.

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