Free, World-Class, Online Education

This solution addresses antiquated and inefficient education systems in worldwide for all students, but especially the underprivileged

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Problem Description

Currently students learn based on a system of assignments and lectures developed centuries ago. The pace is often dictated by the teacher, not the student. When students fall behind, finding help is difficult. Private tutors become reserved for only those privileged enough to afford them. Khan Academy aims to solve this problem with a suite of robust online learning tools that are all 100% free. This solution came about when Khan Academy's founder, Sal Khan, began posting topical learning videos on Youtube. The videos were very popular and Sal Khan realized that this type of education had lots of untapped potential. Several years down the road, Khan Academy has developed it's own website that is a leader in the world of free online (Open Source) education. As of January 2014, more than 10 million users globally are subscribed to KA.

Building Blocks


Salman Khan was one of the few fortunate youth from his public school in a small town in Louisiana to land a spot at a world-class university. He earned three degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and later attended Harvard Business School. He became a hedge fund manager, but found his true calling by tutoring his 12-year-old cousin Nadia in mathematics. His digital lesson plans and tutorials were popular with friends and family members, who kept requesting more. He uploaded a variety of lessons onto YouTube and soon had millions of followers studying with his free, easy-to-use lessons. He found this so rewarding that he quit his job in 2009 to dedicate himself to what became the Khan Academy.


  • Khan academy sl3