Adopt policies to support infrastructure adaptation


The City will use the best available climate science, as well as robust research, legislative action, advocacy, and regional coordination to adapt the city’s infrastructure to be resilient against disruption. It is critical to standardize the process by developing and implementing a set of design guidelines for resiliency to ensure what we build adheres to the highest performance standards. By 2018, we aim to have all New York City agencies adopt standardized resiliency design guidelines for streets, transportation, public spaces, utilities, and other infrastructure.

The City will call on regional infrastructure providers and operators, such as the MTA, PANYNJ, ConEdison, National Grid, LIPA, and Verizon to make critical resiliency investments in their systems, coordinated through the Climate Change Adaptation Task Force.

The City will explore, with our State and academic partners, the preparation of a Regional Resiliency Assessment Program with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on the resiliency of the City’s supply chain for critical commodities such as food, fuels, materials, and consumer goods. NYC EM and Department of Citywide Administrative Services are in development of operational response strategies to address possible fuel disruptions to New York City.

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