Farmer-Led Documentation (FLD)


FLD as an approach was developed as a participatory communication strategy that would involve the farmer directly thus reversing the traditional cycle of government and development agents bringing information as well as services and impressing them on the local farmers. In this case the local farmers would unfortunately not fully understand what is given to them and why. In most cases the information given does not normally target their needs directly. The FLD approach provides local farmers with a new role of being their own knowledge managers, problem solvers and decision makers. In the FLD approach, the farmers own their development process. Through farmer meetings, discussions, identification of problems, provision of solutions, methods and strategies are developed in a joint manner with technical people from government, agricultural research and development organizations. This creates knowledge rich in the local communities’ views that can be put to use by the local communities, as well as the government, research and development organizations.

Magunda M, Mutungi EW and Lutalo SG editors. 2010. Farmer-led documentation and knowledge sharing. Kampala: PELUM Uganda. 56 pgs.

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