The LA SAFE Fund


The LA SAFE Fund, proposed and funded through HUD's National Disaster Resilience Competition, is designed as a first step toward filling the resilience gap. While the State of Louisiana acknowledges that there cannot be a complete elimination of the threat of flooding and other effects from tropical events, the State points out that they can mitigate these effects - and costs - through a general rethinking of how the State decides to build a community development footprint within the Coastal Zone.

The Fund will provide gap financing for planning, design, and construction or rehabilitation projects, located in designated Reshape, Retrofit, and Resettlement zones, and based on priority program areas set through the LA SAFE Framework. As such, the Fund will focus on six program areas: Resilient Housing, Resilient Transportation, Resilient Energy, Economic Development, Mitigation, and Planning/Education.

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  • LA SAFE: Louisiana's Strategic Adaptations for Future Environments

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