Expand green infrastructure and smart design for stormwater management in neighborhoods across the city


To alleviate the impact of storms on public infrastructure, DEP will work with partner agencies to institutionalize stormwater management into the design of public property, including streets, parks, schoolyards, and public housing. The City will also continue the NYC Green Infrastructure Program, including the installation of curbside garden bioswales and green infrastructure elements in parks, schoolyards and public housing, to manage one inch of rainfall on 10% of the impervious surfaces in areas served by the combined sewer system by 2030. The City will use demonstration projects to explore expanding the use of green infrastructure in other parts of the city served by the separate storm-sewer system. In addition, the City will assess and implement green infrastructure opportunities at municipal facilities.

To encourage more private property stormwater retrofits, the City will streamline or expand the existing Green Infrastructure Grant Program in areas served by the combined sewer system or both. It will also conduct a study to assess new private property stormwater-retrofit incentive programs to strengthen or expand the effectiveness of the existing stormwater performance standard through institutional controls.

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  • Mitigate neighborhood flooding and offer high-quality water services

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