Install or repair 500 water fountains and water bottle refilling stations


Water is essential to all human physiologic processes, and maintaining proper hydration has numerous health bene ts. Functioning and accessible water fountains promote healthy beverage habits among New Yorkers. Moreover, water is a healthy and free alternative to sugary drinks, the single largest source of added sugar in our diets. Sugary drinks provide no nutritional value, and have been linked to weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. In our city, it is estimated that over half of adults consume sugary drinks on a daily basis.

Our water should be the first choice for quenching thirst in the home, workplace, or on the street. To encourage proper hydration and healthy water consumption, the City is committing to installing or repairing water fountains across the five boroughs. DEP will commit $5 million over the next ten years toward the goal of increasing water- bottle filling fountains and stations to eliminate drinking water drought and reduce single-use plastic bottles across the city.

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  • Mitigate neighborhood flooding and offer high-quality water services

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    • Water fountain at the chiang kai shek international airport in taiwan


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