Reduce pollution from stormwater runoff


The DEP is developing a comprehensive plan to address pollution from the MS4 and improve water quality. This citywide plan will include, among other things, adopting measures for public outreach and involvement, finding and eliminating illicit sewer connections, managing stormwater during and after construction, managing industrial/commercial stormwater sources, controlling floatables, and adopting pollution prevention practices for municipal facilities.

Plastic bags and other litter in our waterways are a major concern for the City. Therefore, as part of the citywide stormwater management plan, the City will conduct a study to identify sources of floatables (i.e., trash) carried to waterways by stormwater, and implement a program to reduce these floatables. In addition, we will launch a citywide media campaign for floatables, settleable trash, and debris reduction.

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  • Mitigate neighborhood flooding and offer high-quality water services

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