Artistic visualization and display of data


New capabilities created by the integration of enhanced computational power, big data and visual representation systems provide the opportunity to bring many previously complex and abstract concepts into stunning visual relief for the first time. The city will convene some of the world’s great artists and media professionals to work with scientists, librarians and city officials to develop and refine some of these data visualization systems to create a compelling community education and communication approach. Boulder will work with partners to put the vast amount of collected scientific and citizen science data in the hands of artists and hackers, giving them the tools they need to interpret and represent the data in a clear, resonant message. An emphasis will be placed on creating a variety of pathways, tools and systems to enhance accessibility to a wide an array of prospective users. Through these creative partnerships, the city will unleash untapped knowledge to inform decisions and mobilize collective action.

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  • Partnering and innovating for resilience solutions

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