Reshaping and Repurposing the Floodplain Landscape


In each of Shelby County's 3 watershed-based resiliency initiatives, a focus is placed on redesigning and repurposing floodplain landscapes. As major storms in 2011 proved, these three regions were the most vulnerable to dangerous flooding and were also least prepared. Like any good resiliency solution, the most effective projects are those that anticipate the potential destruction of the river in a way that minimizes loss. This loss minimization can happen in multiple ways. One method deals with the County's high vacant lot rate--many of which sit within floodplains. This lots will be repurposed for new community and commercial needs, all while accounting for the imminent threat of the river. In other places where risk levels are more severe, the County will design dynamic spaces that can serve as buffer zones in the event of a flood and parks at all other times. Finally, broad river reshaping, reveling, and detention projects will mitigate flooding risk in the first place.

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  • Regional Flooding Resilience: "Making Room for the River"

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