Tree Planting Project Sequesters and Reduces CO2 Emissions


"Launched in 2015, Sal­vador’s En­vir­on­mental Re­cov­ery Pro­gram of the Canab­rava Park is re­for­est­ing an old 52,000 m2 out­door dump that re­ceived 22 mil­lion tons of waste in the last year, while trans­form­ing the area into a new eco­sys­tem and a much-needed green space for the un­der­priv­ileged neigh­bor­hood. The Brazilian city’s pro­gram is plant­ing 20,000 trees nat­ive to the At­lantic Forest biome, and us­ing sludge from the city’s sewage, treated by an­aer­obic di­ges­tion, and biosolids from an in­dus­trial wastewa­ter plant as fer­til­izer. Con­sequently, the pro­ject is a meas­ure for CO2 se­quest­ra­tion and re­duc­tion, as well as local tem­per­at­ure con­trol.

The pro­gram is a part­ner­ship with the private sec­tor, where dif­fer­ent parties plant and main­tain dif­fer­ent sec­tions of the park, cre­at­ing own­er­ship of the pro­gram. So far, two large plant­a­tions have been planted with the as­sist­ance of 300 par­ti­cipants, in­clud­ing en­vir­on­mental en­gin­eer­ing stu­dents from the local uni­versity, and in­hab­it­ants of the sur­round­ing areas."

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