Dense District Seeks Energy-Efficient Future


"By fo­cus­ing on in­fra­struc­ture de­vel­op­ment and com­munity en­gage­ment, Baib­ut­ing, a densely built com­munity in Wuhan, is suc­cess­fully in­teg­rat­ing a low-car­bon philo­sophy into its stra­tegic de­vel­op­ment.

As part of Wuhan’s Low-Car­bon City Pi­lot Pro­gram, Baib­ut­ing, a com­munity of 150,000 people liv­ing on 5.5 km2, is in­fus­ing a low-car­bon philo­sophy into its stra­tegic de­vel­op­ment goals. Launched in 2011, some of the main dir­ect­ives guid­ing Baib­ut­ing’s de­vel­op­ment are af­ford­able, en­ergy ef­fi­cient hous­ing, con­veni­ent trans­port, and ac­cess to green space and es­sen­tial ser­vices. Ac­cord­ing to the area’s de­vel­op­ment strategy, hous­ing con­struc­tion is en­cour­aged to in­cor­por­ate low-car­bon and cli­mate-re­si­li­ent tech­no­lo­gies. So far, de­velopers’ in­vest­ment in re­new­able en­ergy has yiel­ded a geo­thermal heat pump heat­ing and cool­ing sys­tem and solar powered wa­ter heat­ers for the com­munity’s be­ne­fit."

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