Safe water reuse in Maputo, Mozambique


"Mozambique has been termed the worst country in the world with respect to access to clean and safe water [44] and its capital, Maputo (population 1.1 million, 2007) shares many of the problems of other cities in developing countries, as outlined below. Maputo can be roughly divided into the city-centre and peri-urban areas, each with very different social and architectural characteristics and water management issues.

the existence of broad inter-linkages between sectors and strong feedback loops that regulate the behaviour of the water system imply that a systems analytic approach is needed to holistically understand these challenges and identify appropriate leverage points for action. A current project has taken such an approach, developing a conceptual mass flow analysis (MFA) visualizing flows of drinking water, wastewater, faecal sludge and rainwater in Maputo. MFA “is a systematic assessment of the flows and stocks of materials within a system defined in space and time” and it allows for identification of linkages among different sectors in a system. This project will go on to quantify and map flows of energy, nutrients and health related vectors in the city."
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