Open Source Ideation Platform


This solution was created using an open source ideation platform called Amplify by OpenIDEO. The platform was designed to call upon the creative capacity of large bodies of change practitioners working towards solving a specific problem. It works through a gradual funneling process that starts with many ideas in the "Research Phase" and narrows down via a democratic voting system to only a handful of ideas that are selected for implementation. In between each step there is space for important feedback to be given by both the public and expert evaluators handpicked by the OpenIDEO team.

Part of Solutions

  • Community Concierge Program
  • Customizable Clay Food Storage Systems
  • Fire Protection in Slums
  • Upcycling Household Waste with Flies
  • Upgrading Slums via Climate Resiliency
  • Upgrading Slums via Optimal Reblocking Strategies

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